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CITRUS SPRAYER REVIEW | VIVIAN TRIES | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS ✔ Help Me Reach 50,000 Subscribers : http://bit.ly/VTV_Friends Get the most value for your money with top-rated professional grade kitchen tools! The citrus sprayer is an innovative tool and price saver as you don't need to buy additional lime or lemon juice separately and is perfect for modern kitchen. To use, simply twist pointed end into a fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange and press spray top to disperse citrus juice! A perfect tool for fruit salads, seasoning, drink mixes and more. The larger citrus sprayer screws directly into the fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits and the smaller one is ideal for fruits You no longer have to slice or squeeze fruits and create a mess, this citrus spray gets the job done simply and easily It also preserves your fruit juice for later use by putting the fruit and spritzer top directly into the fridge It is easy to use and clean, just insert the downward spiral point directly into fruits and twist it to avoid harm to hands and fingers • Links to as seen on Tv Products in this video: Utopia Kitchen Citrus-Sprayer-Lemon-Lime, in 8 cm and 10.5 cm, Holder Plate, Screw Lock and Pump Top, 3 Piece http://amzn.to/2k9wpGn Write Me: Secret Life of Vivian PO Box 1482 Roanoke, TX 76262 Want more As Seen on TV video reviews, check out my best reviews: WORST AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS OF 2016 | YEAR IN REVIEW https://youtu.be/1cFgAqcvSBs CAN OPENER THE WORLDS EASIEST HANDS-FREE TOUCAN CAN OPENER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/kAWtQ0hRXbE PRESSURE COOKER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/Hv6B4jWSJg0 DIY SUSHI MAKING KIT ROLL SUSHI MAKER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS FROM KOREA https://youtu.be/VtV_3pNbGHc DIY EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS POP CHEF REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/qbdXzEqdcmc WOW BACON MICROWAVE COOKER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/Mr5Y5Ux9vDI 3 IN 1 AVOCADO SLICER AND PITTER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/Jv1jk5eO7Nc MANGO SPLITTER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/XvDbW_wWq2k CORN CUTTER | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/hLUXpB_Ermg TOP AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS TESTED | THE BEST PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/yswfT1FcVa4 CLEVER CUTTER REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/W5VWCpsWzF4 MAGIC TAP | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/T2WOQpLgjsY TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS FIZZ SAVER | SODA GADGET POP DISPENSER https://youtu.be/dr-9fbVyHQQ PERFECT FRIES | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/R7bvELlMJfk RED COPPER PAN REVIEW | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/o_IPcvngtew If you see small kitchen gadgets or this kitchen gadget at the Dollar Tree let me know in the comments. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the Food Network, Comedy Central, and Buzzfeed had a baby, this would be it. Congratulations you found their baby! The Secret Life of Vivian is a funny Foodtainment Channel. I'm a recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict with a slight cussin’ problem. I make videos about top 10 lists, weird kitchen gadgets, strange food and life hacks, reviewing products, testing as seen on TV products, tasting crazy candy, diy food, how to, tutorials, review new foods, challenges, pranks and random shenanigans! My channel is your one stop shop for tasting crazy, strange food, experimenting with food, trying easy baking recipes, hacking food, testing crazy kitchen inventions! You're not only getting Vivian Tries, you'll also get the answer to the question we all have about these “as seen on tv products” does this thing really work? ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: all opinions are my own and I am not affiliated with any of the brands. Links are affiliate links.s.