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Just one of the many cool things seen at Logging Days in Placerville California. And just to clarify, this chainsaw holds the world record for cutting a log in 0.88 seconds, BUT the runs you see in this video are approximately 2 seconds long, Some people say that this video has been sped up. Well, it has not. And if it helps at all, you can see a video clip where this video has been sped up for comparison by checking out my other videos related to this one. Please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUgi2A5XHlg for an example of what cutting through a log this size at 2X video speed looks like. Music: Thick as Thieves Artist: Dry Kill Logic 1 million views post *** Yay for me! 1million is awesome but all the credit goes to the ceator of the Pedator! And also to Baldy (subscr 2 BaldyofCamino) Who had the balls 2 dare to operate this monstrosity! Seriously doubters worldwide.This shit was for real. I was laying on the grass not 6 feet from the power this thing. I can atest, it was real. Can't make any money off this video cuz I don't own the rights to the song. No prob. Good song! Good job Baldy! Thank you Rotax Robert! Acceptance Speech over! ***